What is a Lead Hunter? (Hunters)

As a member of HuntingHQ if you request to book a property you automatically become the ‘Lead Hunter’.

The Lead Hunter is responsible for reserving and paying for the booking on behalf of themselves and any other hunters they have invited to accompany them on the trip. They will also be required to provide a trip star rating and feedback (optional) upon completion of a hunt. The lead hunters speaks on behalf of the entire hunt group.

The Lead Hunter receives all the information about the property prior to the trip they have booked, including maps of the property with zoning and hazards, health and safety information and farm rules. It is up to the Lead Hunter to share this information with any other hunts attending the trip to ensure they understand what is expected of them.

What if I’ve been invited to join a hunt trip?

If you have been invited to join a hunt trip, you have 72-hours to decide whether to accept or decline. Once accepted, if you need to cancel you must let the Lead Hunter know within that 72-hour period so he can adjust the booking accordingly. If you choose to withdraw from a trip after the booking has been confirmed (paid for) there is no refund.