What does the Health and Safety Exam consist of?

The HuntingHQ Health and Safety exam has been designed to keep you, your mates and our Property Hosts safe.

Before we verify your registration and let you loose in the HuntingHQ community we need to know that you fully understand the ‘Seven Firearms Safety Rules’ and how to apply these to your firearms and hunting experiences. We also need to know that you have a sound basic knowledge of farm conduct and how to look after our Property Hosts greatest asset – their property.

If you have a current firearms license then you should already have a good working knowledge of the ‘Seven Firearms Safety Rules’ so this will just be a chance to revise them. And using a bit of common sense with the farm conduct questions will go a long way to see you pass.

Before each section of questions in the exam we provide you with brief educational videos to watch. These videos contain all the answers you will need to pass the exam with top marks, so make sure you watch them thoroughly.