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HuntingHQ - Hunt Guide Properties

We often get questions around which properties have Hunt Guide options, and if these are compulsory or optional. We will have a new filter in the coming months, allowing for much easier navigation of our listings.

For now, please see below a selection of properties that have Hunt Guide options, as well as their compulsory/optional status.


Otioro – Northland – Optional

Highlands – Auckland – Compulsory

Mangawara – Waikato – Optional

Alpine Hunting New Zealand – Manawatū-Whanganui – Compulsory

Long Reach – Taranaki – Optional

Makakaho – Taranaki – Optional

Waitawhiti Station – Wellington – Optional


Glencree Estate – Canterbury – Compulsory

Manahune Station – Canterbury – Optional

Leithen Valley Hunts – Otago – Compulsory

Munro Valley – Otago – Compulsory

Black Peak Farming – Otago – Optional