How do I book a hunt trip?

So, you’ve found a property listing that you like, and you want to book a hunt trip?

Simply follow the video or written instructions below and you will find yourself out there hunting before you can say ‘I bagged a fallow deer!’.



We recommend you begin by saving the listing as a favourite by clicking on the ‘SAVE’ button opposite the listing name.

  • On the CALENDAR select the first and last dates of the days you wish to book the trip.
  • Click on the ‘INVITE HUNTERS’ button, and search for each hunter you wish to invite by username or email address.
  • If the people you wish to invite are not currently members of HuntingHQ enter the person’s email address and they will receive an invitation to join HuntingHQ so that they can accept your hunt invitation.
  • If applicable select your ACCOMMODATION option from the dropdown on the right.
  • If this listing requires SPECIALISED TRANSPORTATION to access the property, E.g. helicopter or boat, the corresponding dropdown may autofill. If it doesn’t autofill and the property offers this option you can choose to select from the dropdown on the right.
  • If a HUNT GUIDE is being used, select the day(s) you wish to use their service.
  • Click BOOK NOW.

Once you have clicked ‘Book Now’, you will be taken to a REVIEW LISTINGS page.

  • Review the HuntingHQ farm rules by clicking on HuntingHQ Farm Rules.
  • Agree to the rules by clicking on the ‘tick box’ next to ‘I agree with the HuntingHQ Farm Rules.
  • Review your booking to make sure it is correct.
  • Click on the AGREE & CONTINUE

The BOOKINGS SPECIFIC’s page provides you with a summary of the cost of the trip, and allows you to adjust the dates, hunters involved, property access and hunt guide dates.

  • Adjust as required.
  • Click NEXT to finish reserving your hunt trip booking.

The CONTACT & SUMMARY page contains your key contact information, emergency contact information, and trip pricing summary.

  • Ensure that you read the CANCELLATION POLICY by clicking on cancellation policy.
  • Ensure that you have read the TERMS & CONDITIONS by click on Terms & Conditions.
  • Click on the ‘tick box’ to agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  • Click on the BOOK RESERVATION button at the bottom of the page.


  • On completing your reservation all hunters will automatically receive the invitation to join the hunt trip.
  • As the Lead Hunter (the person who booked the trip) you are responsible for making sure the hunters you invited on the trip have accepted their invitations. They must have accepted within 72-hours of being invited otherwise the reservation will expire.
  • As the Lead Hunter it is your responsibility make full payment by the date specified on the ‘Thank you for your booking reservation!’ page. You have 72-hours to pay in full before the reservation expires.

You can view your booking reservation by going to the BOOKINGS dropdown on the left side of your dashboard screen and clicking on RESERVATIONS.

How do I confirm and pay for my booking?

To confirm your booking you must do the following:

  • Wait until all invited hunters have accepted their invitations (they must do so within 72-hours of being invited). You can see who has accepted their invitation by viewing your RESERVATION under BOOKINGS.
  • You must have paid in full by the date specified at the top right hand side of your RESERVATIONS E.g. RESERVATION TO EXPIRE: 04/02/21 11.19am.
  • To pay in full click the CONFIRM AND PAY button on the bottom right of your reserved booking screen.