A hunters responsibility when visiting a property

When you book a hunting trip it is essential that you understand your responsibilities if visiting a working farm.

According to WorkSafe Health and Safety visitors should take care of themselves by not:

  • Interfering with plant or equipment, including electrical installations or fences
  • Entering unauthorised areas or farm buildings
  • Disturbing or unnecessarily approaching farm animals or work activities
  • Ignoring instructions or warnings
  • Leaving gates open or damaging fencing

When you register with HuntingHQ you are asked to read and tick that you understand and agree with our Terms and Conditions. Those terms and conditions cover all aspects of what behaviour is expected from all our HuntingHQ members when hunting on a Host’s property.

If you aren’t sure what is expected of you we suggest you read through our Terms and Conditions and familiarise yourself with the legal guidelines you have agreed to.

It is also essential that you understand and follow the health and safety instructions you are provided with prior to arriving at a property. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • A Property boundary and no-shoot zones map
  • Any known hazards
  • Additional property rules
  • Scanning a QR code on arrival and departure
  • Meeting your host